How Knowledge is power | The imperative Guide.

What do you know about Knowledge? Do you agree that knowledge is power or knowledge is just what you learn in a classroom? Or you see the term “Knowledge” differently? And is it really important for us to gain Knowledge? It is understanding something and being conscious of it. It refers to the information, facts, competencies and wisdom gained through learning and life experiences. Every educated person is not necessarily knowledgeable, but every knowledgeable person is educated. This may sound a little weird, but in today’s world, everyone seems to be educated in a particular subject, but still they don’t have knowledge about that subject.

 Hence, Knowledge is power because it is something that will serve you your entire life. Once you learn something, you learn it and it will stick to your side your entire life. The basic difference between Humans and Animals is the power of having knowledge. But the thing is that we keep on learning and learning, but we never execute the knowledge we learned. Knowledge is power only when you combine it with its implementation or execution.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

Albert Einstein

Here I have listed some points that show how Knowledge is power or what knowledge can lead you to.

How Knowledge is power | The imperative Guide.
How Knowledge is power | The imperative Guide.

Knowledge Brings Freedom

We know that Knowledge is important in every aspect of life and so it brings freedom in every aspect of life whether it is freedom in a political sense that is, Freedom of speech, Freedom of action or Freedom of expression. Or the freedom to your finance sector. No doubt that wisdom liberates us as it gives us the ability to thrive and survive in the world. And this is the actual power of Knowledge.

Hence it makes us independent and helps us live our life by our choices and decisions through the wisdom we gained.

Knowledge Enhances Your Self-Esteem

When you know about things and have knowledge about it, you give answers. Thus, knowledge increases and boosts up your confidence. Sometimes in life when you get in a difficulty and no matter how many times we fall back, wisdom can lead us to move forward. It pushes us to find the solution to the problem that really increases our self-esteem.

What better could be a confidence boost in knowing that you solved your one of the life challenges by using your own skill and knowledge? Think about it.

Knowledge gives you a Respectable Status in Society

The only person who gains a respectable status in society is the one who has the authority. So, when you possess knowledge, you have power. And when you have power, you have the authority. And that is how you can get respect, because knowledge is not just about education. It is also about life and ethics. No matter if you are aged or even a teenager, if you have wisdom that is useful for other people, than those who seek for your help will always respect you.

“The river of knowledge has no depth.”

Chinonye J. Chidolue

Knowledge Brings Positivity

Yes, if you are certain about something and you know it very well through what you learned, it definitely changes your attitude. It drives out negativity from your life and pushes you forward to a better life. Knowledge teaches us to be motivated, determined and engaged and self-reliant. It also brings enthusiasm and forces you to learn more and more.

“Fall from ignorance, and you will rise to reason.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

Sense of Righteousness

When we have Knowledge, we can easily differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Hence, we act more morally. Knowing the ethics and norms of a society, knowing how to behave in formal places, knowing how to act is basically having the greatest ability in yourself. Helping each other and giving the right advice is the best way in sharing your wisdom.

A Better Citizen

A country will flourish and prosper if all of its citizens are knowledgeable. A person who possesses knowledge knows how things work. Knowledge comes with education and its implementation. And when all the citizens of a country are educated, the country will be a peaceful and a better place because then everyone would know their responsibilities and would follow the rules and laws. And so having wisdom would lead you to be productive.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Conclusion: Is knowledge really a power?

The only power that exist is knowledge. The one who knows more is wise and ahead of the game. Therefore all the famous and rich peoples keep learning and getting new knowledge. So, you should also consider getting knowledge and sharing it.

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