Importance Of To-Do Lists: Make Your Own To-Do Lists

Today, we often see everything at its peak. From history to the present, everything is going so fast that it is barely possible to remember everything. Our mind is not the best resource where we can store every memory and everything we need to do. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the work you need to do or all the work that is pending? Or do you easily forget the most important task you need to do? And you often miss the deadlines of the work that has been assigned to you? This is the most common problem faced by more than half of the population on earth. And that’s why there is a importance of “To-Do” Lists come in.

To-Do Lists is such a mechanism which is time-based and which ensures you about your work from the most important task to the least important task. David Allen, author of the book “Getting Things Done”, had explained this basic idea of moving important planned tasks and projects from your mind to an external medium and then breaking them into sub-tasks on which action can be performed easily.

Here are some benefits of To-Do Lists that can actually help your productive hours.

Importance Of To-Do Lists Make Your Own To-Do Lists
Importance Of To-Do Lists Make Your Own To-Do Lists

Brings Structure to Your Life

We often see people not completely satisfied with their lives and often chasing everything and still not getting what they want. They don’t know what they want to achieve and yet they do some tasks that they don’t even know themselves if it’s useful for them or not. To-Do Lists is a great way to balance your life and to organize it in a better productive way, yet I must say, in a Healthier way. In which you know what you are doing right now, and what you are going to do next. This also helps you to not get distracted by the things that are not on your To-Do List. Because To-Do List is a way, as the name describes itself, that doing tasks that are important.

Prioritizing Your Tasks

There are probably so many things we could do in a day and we may write more than 50 things on our To-Do List. And it will be more trouble for us. There is a special way to write a To-Do list in which high priority tasks are written first and then those tasks which are of less priority. The good thing about To-Do List is that we can add things and we can also rearrange them in order as per our demand of the tasks we need more.

But the idea is to not overwhelm yourself. Most of the time, we get scared by just seeing how much work is there on our plates and then we stop writing To-Do Lists. Instead, know that you have to finish some tasks by today and the remaining tasks can be set to the next day. This is why it is recommended to write a To-Do List the night before the next day begins so you get to know the surety of what you are going to do tomorrow.

“Checking items off a to-do list doesn’t determine progress; focusing on your priorities is what counts.”

Frank Sonnenberg

A Way to Never Forget

A human brain performs tons of activities per second and also imposing another job on it to remember our daily tasks that we need to do, is a little unfair. Because that is how we end up forgetting half of the tasks and then you are back on square one. For instance, let’s say you are a college student and you are having tons of assignments which have to be submitted on different dates. In this case, you definitely need to write your To-Do List in order to not miss the deadlines. This was one scenario to show the use of To-Do List that once written on it, we can never forget that task. And there are many more on which it can be applied as well.

A Sense of Achievement

We all at the end of the day, ask ourselves the question: what have we accomplished through the entire day? What did we achieve? Another benefit that To-Do List gives us is that when you have done something or a task, strike that off from your To-Do List and it gives a tremendous amount of satisfaction. And you get to know that you really achieved something. It may sound a little cheesy but this is what keeps you motivating. To keep going your way and accomplishing more. It is rewarding in its own way and gives such a peaceful vibe that you would see your life on a better notch.

“There is satisfaction,” he said to Dalinar, “in creating a list of things you can actually accomplish, then removing them one at a time.”

Brandon Sanderson

To-Do Lists can enhance Creativity

We have often heard that meditation enhances creativity Have you ever thought, Why? Let me tell you, A brain is limited pool of resources and it is design to process data not to store it. If we keep Storing the unnecessary data, Our brain may consume all the resources to store it. When Our mind needed to process some important data, It’s efficiency may decrease due to lack of resources.

Therefore, It’s better to make a space inside your brain by jotting all the important tasks on the paper and save resources to process important data. So, it is not only important but necessary to keep a to-do list to be Productive and to be creative.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”

David Allen

As, We have Discussed the importance of to-do List. I hope this information remained useful to you guys. Start making a to-do list from now and tell your friends about the importance of To-Do Lists by sharing this Article.

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