WhatsApp updated Privacy Policy: You are at Risk.

You might be worried about WhatsApp updated privacy policy or you might don’t know anything about it. First, I will explain to you about updated privacy policy of WhatsApp then we will be sharing the best alternative of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. It is a freeware(Free to Use) messenger or calling service. WhatsApp has recently started sending out privacy policy and Terms of Services (TOS) alerts to its Android or IOS users. 

WhatsApp updated Privacy Policy

Multi-Device Use: This is the feature which will let you enjoy WhatsApp on many devices at the same time and won’t require the main device to be connected to the internet unlike the WhatsApp web. 

Facebook-Hosted Services: This is the main Issue, We should consider this before it’s too late. WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, but do you think, really? Well, I don’t think so. Facebook is going to store our private chats to their servers and will process them and may provide them to their related business . Now the question is, Are you willing to give someone the permission to read your chats? If yes then you can use it without being worried.

Well, I can’t.

Alternative to WhatsApp

There are many alternatives but I would prefer signal and the reason is that signal is also end-to-end encrypted and is privacy focused. This may be the best choice for every one after this Update.

Need Another Reason? Check out Elon Musk’s Tweet.

WhatsApp updated Privacy Policy: You are at Risk.  Elon Musk tweet

My views about WhatsApp updated Privacy Policy

Facebook has always been greedy about data. The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg can’t even share the name of the hotel he stayed at last night. So, why should we share our personal chats with him? Why?

If you are a data scientist or ML engineer, you might have a sound idea of what we can do with the data and what we can predict with the data. I would say IT’S TOO MUCH DANGEROUS. Nobody has the right to read or process my personal chat’s for any purpose.


If you are concerned about your privacy so you must consider WhatsApp updated privacy policy and reject it. Switch to Signal or any other medium you want. Be Safe. be protected and Say no to WhatsApp Terms of Services and privacy Policy.

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