WillPower vs Motivation: which will win in the long run.

Willpower vs Motivation: I have been figuring out, what would stand out to make us fulfill our goals? Motivation is a driving force that excites you to take action. While WillPower is some kind of controlled force by which you can attain self-control and do whatever you want to do. Now that we know both motivation and willpower, so let’s figure out which one is best.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi

Willpower vs motivation

What I found isn’t unique, but surely I can say that it’s mostly ignored. Many peoples including myself try to find the motivation to do anything and they keep on looking for motivation. Rarely, they get a dose of motivation and they do some amazing stuff in a single day. In fact, they try to build a Rome in a day. Which isn’t possible, I guess. It’s obvious till now that it’s not motivation that helps us keep going.

We all have WillPower muscle, but most of us have this muscle in the pre-mature or under-developer form. It may not be the case for you, but I can say for me it’s true. I almost resisted every task which involved willpower, Why? I guess because I don’t have that much amount of willpower in me. There are almost five biggest factors that drain Willpower and those are Effort, perceived difficulty, negative effects, subjective fatigue, and low blood glucose level.

WillPower and motivation, both have some cons but there might be one with fewer cons and more pros. yes and that is “WillPower”. Why? One thing is obvious that we rarely get a dose of motivation that’s why it can’t be used in the long run. While willpower is an under-developed muscle and muscles can get stronger if they are trained properly.

The human mind is framed in a way that prioritizes habits. As I stated early that willpower is limited, this is why our mind focuses more on habits. Habits are created through reputation. Motivation occurs once in a while that makes it almost useless in the long run.

WillPower vs Motivation: Why Willpower beats motivation?

WillPower is best when it comes to the long run although it’s limited. So, what are the factors through which we can conclude that willpower is the winner? Let’s discuss some of the points, which will help us conclude that Willpower beats motivation.

Willpower can be strengthened

Willpower is a muscle, which can be strengthened through practice and training. In a study done by leading self-control researcher, Professor Roy Baumeister found that “students who exercised willpower to improve their posture for two weeks, showed a marked improvement on subsequent measures of self-control and willpower”. This indicates that exercising willpower enhances willpower.

Willpower is reliable

As I stated willpower is limited than how can be it reliable? You might have heard a famous quote from Lau Tzu,

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Lau Tzu

If you were able to successfully perform a small task toward your goal repetitively, you will create a habit, and what else can be better than habit? I guess this is what makes willpower reliable.

Willpower strategies can be scheduled

Motivation rarely occurs that’s why it is hard to rely on motivation for the scheduled task. If you want to bring some change and get stick to it for the greater good then you should rely on willpower. Unlike motivation, you will have control over your schedule and it doesn’t matter whether you are motivated or not you will be able to perform your task.


Willpower vs motivation: This is what I found and I guess this is important to know. We can’t just sit and wait for motivation to occur and then do something. When we get up and take some action, motivation is more likely to occur. Almost always starting things seems impossible. As newton’s first law of motion states that anybody in rest will remain in rest and anybody in motion will be in motion until the external force is applied. I know I am trying to mix physics here but that’s completely fine if it works.

Think of this external force as willpower which can help you get in motion and the external force which can force you to step back can be a new change or something else. if it’s “change” that is forcing you to step back you can read this article to learn how to deal with the change. With that Good luck and share this article with your loved ones, though sharing is caring.

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